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David is the most inspiring designer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. David knows how to take your image, and turn it into a beautiful but functional reality. David is experienced, intelligent, original, and passionate about his furniture and it shows through every creation he makes. Not only do you get a modern piece of furniture, you also get to experience the process of creating the piece with a designer who actually cares. David's work is solid. Durable and natural…. and, will be a cornerstone conversation starter for all your guests. If you work with David, you can be guaranteed a work of art that can not be replicated on any level and will give you deep satisfaction for a lifetime.

~Erin Strong

Charlotte, NC

"Wow!"  That's the first thing I hear every time guests enter our basement bar.  A David Lewis-designed bar table is the centerpiece of our rec room, and it always makes a great impression. After they say "Wow," everyone's next reaction is to run their hands along the curved, natural bark edge. There's something almost magical - and very grounding - about being able to touch the bark of an old tree.  And it's wonderful that that tree has been re-purposed in a way that pays homage to its former majesty.
The piece is breathtaking, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind.  And the juxtaposition between natural and modern makes it an absolute stunner.
Thank you, David Lewis, for your beautiful art.

Akron, Ohio

David is very passionate about his work. He takes pride in every piece that he creates and pays incredible attention to detail. His unique vision is why he is able to create one of a kind designs. I absolutely love his style, workmanship, and ability to make his art functional.

-Morgan Thomas

Sarasota, FL

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