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As a young Amish boy in rural Ohio, I grew up watching my grandfather ply his art in his wood shop. Since then I’ve loved creating with my mind and with my hands.


After studying Computer Aided Design and Animation and graduating from Kent State University, I’ve been able to take my creations to a new level. My furniture and artworks are born as 3D computer models, borrowing design elements from the modern world and from my Amish heritage. I enjoy using varieties of metal, wood, and glass in my art.  The result is a marriage of industrial beauty, stark modernity, and elegant, simplistic function.


Even though I have long left the Amish way of life, I’m grateful for the ethical values that were instilled in me as a boy.  Every piece I create embodies the quality, reliability, and integrity passed down through generations of craftsmen. 

~David L Schlabach

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